Friday, October 8, 2010

Lecture (10-01) Assignment - Looking for Repetition

Art and Fundamentals:
Theory and Practice

Form and Visual Ordering
Three essential components subject, form, and content
Form- total arrangement of the composition and to the very act of organizing and composing
 The development of Form involves media and techniques and uses the elements of art.

The Principles of Organization

Pleasing relationship between different sections of a composition. Occurs when elements or independent parts have characteristics in common, such as repeated colors, similar textures, shared edges and so forth. Known  as the factor of cohesion that relates certain parts to another in a piece of work.
Repetition - Primary way of creating harmonious relationships in a composition, does not require exact duplication. Just similarity. Relationships created by such resemblances give a work a degree of harmony.
Rhythm - continuance, a flow, or a sense of movement that results from the repeated beats. Relies on the repetition of pauses between repeating units. Variation in the negative spaces or intervals of silence between beats, helps create the rhythmic pattern. Space visual silence.
Pattern - involves harmony as established through repetition. If the basic pattern is repeated numerous times, then that basic pattern can be referred to as a motif. Repetition of a motif then creates a new design, called an allover pattern, which is only seen when the entire whole can be seen.
Closure (visual grouping) - arrangement of visual units suggests that they are part of a larger pattern or shape, people mentally “fill in” missing gaps. Artist provides a minimum of information or visual clues and the observer provides the rest.\
Visual Linking - closure unifies shapes that share an implied group relationship. Shared space itself becomes the cohesive factor.
Linking through Extensions (Implied and Subjective Edges/Lines/Shapes) - A wide variety of dissimilar images and shapes can be made to relate by being visually liked though the use of extensions. The extensions in a composition help the artist organize and bring all parts of that structure into a harmonious relationship. Extensions reveal “hidden” relationships.
Excessive use of Harmony - feeling monotonous about a piece of work could mean that you use too much harmony, reduce similarity or harmonize a different way.
Variety - If an artist achieves complete equality of visual forces, the work may feel static, lifeless, and unemotional. Visual boredom is a sign of an overly harmonious composition, by adding variation, they can then introduce essential ingredients for sustaining attention.
Contrast - opposition or dissimilarity, and it occurs wherever elements with opposing characteristics are places in the same area. When artists repeat elements in a way that makes them appear unrelated such as a few wide lines in a group of narrow ones, the differences or contrasts, stand out. Area, image, or shape are emphasized through the introduction of contrast.
Elaboration - Make up stuff to make dull spots have more energy, counterbalance your work. Altar the looks to make them a bit more out there.
Balance - important to unity that it is impossible to consider the principals of organization without it. Gravitational equilibrium of pairs or groups of units that are arranged on either side of a central axis. Implies the gravitational equilibrium of a single mark on a picture plane.
Radial Balance - can create both true and approximate symmetry. Visual forces are distributed around a central point and often radiate from it. Widely used in applied arts. Think of  jewelers with radial stone patterns on necklaces.
Proportion - ratio of individual parts to one another or to the whole. When related to size and refers to a standard gauge or “norm” in order to judge the relationship between objects the term scale is used. Golden Mean or Golden Section represents the ideal standard for proportion and balance in life and art.
Dominance - creating differences through contrast that call attention to significant parts can make them more dominant.
Movement - two kinds of movement, implied and illusionary. Kinetic sculpture involves the physical movement of the work itself. Actual movement found in kinetic art are set into motion by air, water, mechanical devices, or interactive computer-activated programs.

Process: Live Performance

Here is a box do something with it! Catch the audiences attention! Entertain!!! See, my first idea was the bomb!!! Simply because who else would get on the ground, put an alka-seltzer in their mouth so make foam, and just go wild infecting everyone with rabies?!?!? I couldn't find enough people that would willingly shove an alka-seltzer down their throat but hey, I don't blame them. So first thought in the trash, out if mind. "What else would be an attention grabber besides being wild?" A FENCING MATCH of coarse!!!! A whole minute of perfect sword tossing and stabbing (not so perfect lmbo) and then unexpectedly a random, courageous death!!! It just don't get better than that. I have to hand it to mark cause it wouldn't have been nothing without two people in it. Everyone thought that the face guards that i wore really help them to understand that it was fencing and not just two kids playing with sticks so thanks for the idea Elise!

Process: Uncomfortable

Ok, so most of the people wanted to find something that would make an audience uncomfortable by eating and regurgitating and stuff. I thought that maybe you would feel uncomfortable watching someone else get completely grossed out. I decided to watch the most horrific video i knew of and record the audience's reaction for my video. There were many more people in the back, the camera just didn't get them all. Now if you know what video this is, you know why i chose it. I already knew somewhat of what to expect when the video started so I was more laughing at everyone elses reactions. Kathy started to watch it but she left before mayhem started!!! Some people couldn't sit there and there and watch it. Daniell left in a hurry lol and then you got Travis.... he just stands there awkwardly amused at what we are watching D: I don't see how thats even possible!!!

Process: Monologue

So i couldn't possibly think of anything to do. I mean at first really stupid ideas were popping into my head and some were impossible, others too easy. I wanted to get a reaction out the crowd so what better way than to do something that you might see in a horror film. It took me some time to come up with a little skit but after a few minutes thinking on it and my awesome acting skills (they are awesome, you cant lie!!!) i came up with something a little on the edge so to say. I like to act and people find me somewhat funny, actually i love acting. Thats when i knew this project would be more of a comedy/horror clip rather than horror the more you knew me. It took me 8 tries to get this video down and i even got hurt in the process. Everything would be going fine till i stood up to make a run for it cause i thought something was coming, and since i used my laptop i kept accidently pressing stop from running into things in the dark. Take my advice, don't decide to be in a really dark room, holding your new laptop, and run around like your being chased by demonic being from another world it just doesn't work. I walked out with a knot in my thigh from running smack dab into the table in the middle of the Tool Room!!! I got the blooper video right here :) enjoy!

Human Composition Brainstorming

1. The groups first idea wanted me naked, well more of Tam but she wanted something to do with the statue of david.

2. Use our bodies wearing black with a white background to make the circles

3. Wear all white on a white background so we disappear on camera holding dots/tennis balls

4. Black fist

5. Use our gloves as circles and take picture angling down or up

6. Hang glide over Jamaica

7. Human pyramid (would have been too difficult) 

8. Use an underwater camera and teke pictures of dots in the water, makes it look like everything is floating

9. Laying on the ground and taking pictures from above

10. Oreos' and milk

11. Chocolate chip cookies

12. I had to throw this one in, i wanted to do a Gladiator scene using swords, shields, and blood spatter as dots.

Exquisite Corpse #2

"Thelonely flower sits in a cloudy sky"

     Alright so this quote might look familiar for i stole it from Liz, but i viewed it in two separate ways. I didn't know if i like the original idea that i had or this one. I took the sentence quite literally once i walked outside and seen this  perfect set up by the baseball fields. The shrub/bush represents a single flower, and the tarp is the cloudy sky, as close as i could come to it without setting something up.

First Idea
    My first idea when i seen the quote was a sad flower that was deprived of sunlight. Using this idea gave me an idea, "what if the flower looked like it was praying? what if i put it in the clouds literally?" 

Exquisite Corpse

"The lonely flower sits in a cloudy sky"